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ESG Suite Platform

SupplyOn’s ESG Suite is a cloud based holistic software that helps any company of any size to manage their key ESG use cases, all in one place. With ESG Suite, you can streamline your ESG related data collection from any stakeholders, analyze the data, measure and report.

ESG Suite

Say goodbye to the complexity of current ESG challenges that includes reporting and compliance. With our ESG Suite, we ensure your smooth journey across key ESG requirements you are encountered with today.

Our holistic software guides you effortlessly through the process to collect and centralize your ESG data in one place, analyze and visualize through intuitive dashboards, measure and manage, report to support ESG reporting compliance.

Key consideration

  • Quick start within 48 hours
  • Easy to understand and use
  • GDPR conform and EU hosted
  • Possibility to integrate via API
  • Key ESG requirements considered such as Co2 footprint, CSRD, German Supply Chain Act and more

Why ESG Suite?


Turn Key Software

Quick activation of the software within 48 hours get you started with your entire company’s ESG journey

Fast ESG Report

Robust reporting frameworks already built in to support your ESG reporting such as CSRD/ESRS or LkSG

Compliance thinking

ESG Suite always develops further with current state of compliant requirements in mind

All data collection in one place

Collect and centralize all of your ESG related data both from internal and external stakeholders

Highest security standards

Strict compliance to GDPR for data privacy and others

Data hosting in EU

All of your data stays in EU to align with your internal organizational guidelines

Integration flexibility

Available API makes it possible to integrate with internal systems for automatic data flow

Multi lingual

Our software and all content within, come with multiple languages including German and English

Use cases

Supply chain Lieferkettengesetz/ EU CSDDD (Supply Chain Act)

As a comprehensive LkSG risk management solution, it supports you to ensure your supply chain sustainability by fulfilling the requirements set by BAFA starting with abstract and concrete risk analyses, preventative and remedial measures, all the way to preparation of BAFA report.

Stay ahead to fulfill the requirements of upcoming EU CSDDD by taking advantage of n tier mapping and due diligence.

Carbon calculation Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator

As a complete corporate carbon calculation software module, it helps you calculate your entire company’s carbon emission by running scenario analysis, collecting all types of data for scope 1, 2 and 3 calculation across your entire organization, tracking and managing all of your measures, downloading report in detail to ensure further integration to any standard reports.

ESG reporting CSRD/ ESRS Reporting

Use the ESRS reporting solution which consists of both double materiality assessment and ESRS report preparation components, essentially supporting you to fulfill the newly announced reporting mandate.

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