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Our ESG Suite is a holistic software that offers modular solution for any company to manage their key ESG use cases – all in one place

Turn key solution for your ESG requirements

Due to regulatory, customers, investors and other stakeholder’s demand, fulfilling multi use case ESG requirements can be extremely challenging. Most companies need a turn key solution that can easily navigate them through complex use case requirements from supply chain law to ESG reporting. Our ESG Suite is a holistic software that offers modular solution for any company to manage their key ESG use cases – all in one place.

German Supply Chain Act LkSG Risk Manager

German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) is already applicable to companies in Germany with 3,000+ employees since the beginning of 2023. Starting January 2024, it will be applicable to companies with 1,000 employees. Many affected companies are looking for a holistic LkSG risk management solution to fulfill the requirements of BAFA.

Our LkSG Risk Manager includes:

– Supplier mapping starting with available supplier information
– Abstract risk analysis of country risks and granular level product risks for all defined risk topics under LkSG
– Concrete risk analysis of all relevant topics to run advance due diligence for all risky suppliers
– Create measures by prioritization based on risk severity
– Carry out preventative measures for the prioritized high risks
– Take remedial actions for identified risks
– Prepare BAFA report in the tool

Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) Calculator

The Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) comprises all relevant greenhouse gas emissions of a company. It’s essential to understand it as the total accumulation of greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalents attributed to a corporation. Often this is the first topic of a company’s ESG initiative and can be sometimes required by regulatory requirements like CSRD/ESRS Reporting:

Our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) Calculator includes:

– Climate Management: A comprehensive system to manage all aspects of a company’s carbon footprint, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.
– CO2 Calculator: Tool to calculate the carbon footprint for the entire company, specific products or events, adhering to the GHG-Standard.
– Emission Analysis: Capability to analyze emissions using hotspot and sensitivity analysis across different scopes, categories and locations or in aggregated form.
– Emission Reduction Strategy: Functionality to set up and manage emission reduction measures and goals, aiding in strategic planning towards sustainability.
– Automated Reporting: Feature to automatically generate CCF reports, simplifying compliance and disclosure processes to reporting requirements like ESRS.
– Dashboards for quick Overview: Intuitive dashboards to provide a quick overview of current and previous carbon footprints, and the progress towards set targets.
– Collaboration Tools: Instrument for efficient collaboration with internal team members, ensuring cohesive and coordinated efforts in climate management.

CSRD Reporting Manager

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) became effective in 2023 and will start impacting specific businesses from 2024. Initially, it targets those already mandated to report under the NFRD. By 2025, the CSRD’s reach expands to include companies that align with at least two of these criteria: having more than 250 employees, a balance sheet total over €25 million, or net sales exceeding €50 million.

Our CSRD Reporting Manager includes:

– Double Materiality Assessment: A completely integrated assessment function to assess impact and financial materiality to identify material topics within your company.
– Data Aggregation and Analysis: Capabilities to compile and analyze ESG data from various aspects of business operations, categorized as per ESRS guidelines.
– Automated ESRS Reporting: Automated generation of ESRS reports according to the requirements, easing the burden of manual compilation and supporting in accuracy for disclosure.
– Interactive Dashboards: User-friendly dashboards for a quick and clear visualization of ESRS related KPIs, tracking progress against requirements and target setting.
– Collaborative Workspace: Enables streamlined collaboration across departments and teams for effective ESG data management and reporting.

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