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Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

The Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) comprises all relevant greenhouse gas emissions of a company. It’s essential to understand it as the total accumulation of greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalents attributed to a corporation. Often this is the first topic of a company’s ESG initiative and can be sometimes required by regulatory requirements like CSRD/ESRS Reporting. Our CCF Calculator covers scope 1, 2 and 3 emission related data collection, calculation and quick reporting.

Calculate your company’s carbon emission easily

Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) represents a crucial metric in the world of environmental sustainability, offering a comprehensive measure of a company’s direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. This assessment is critical for organizations aiming to understand and mitigate their impact on climate change. By systematically calculating the CCF, businesses can identify key areas where emissions are highest, set realistic reduction targets, and develop strategies to decrease their carbon footprint. This process, guided by international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, encompasses emissions from all facets of a company’s operations, including energy usage, transportation, and supply chain activities.

With SupplyOn’s advanced CCF (Corporate Carbon Footprint) calculator, any companies can now be empowered to comprehensively calculate, manage and accurately report their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the highest environmental standards, including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This sophisticated tool simplifies the process of detailed carbon footprint analysis, enabling companies to seamlessly assess and quantify both direct and indirect emissions across all operational scopes.

Requirements for Corporate Carbon Footprint

In addressing the concept of the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), it’s essential to understand it as the total accumulation of greenhouse gas emissions attributed to a corporation. This encompasses both the direct and indirect emissions across the organization, segmented into three distinct categories or ‘scopes’.

  • Scope I pertains to emissions that occur directly at the site in question. This typically involves the release of greenhouse gases through the combustion of fossil fuels (like natural gas or heating oil) or emissions from vehicles owned by the company.
  • Scope II, on the other hand, accounts for emissions that are indirectly linked to the company, specifically through the generation of electricity, steam, heat, and cooling that the company purchases and utilizes within the assessment period.
  • Lastly, Scope III extends to encompass both upstream and downstream emissions in a company’s value chain. This can include emissions associated with procured goods or raw materials, as well as emissions from business-related travel and transportation activities.

Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) Calculator

  • Climate Management: A comprehensive system to manage all aspects of a company’s carbon footprint, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • CO2 Calculator: Tools to calculate the carbon footprint for the entire company, specific products, or events, adhering to the GHG-Standard.
  • Emissions Analysis: Capability to analyze emissions across different scopes (Scope I, II, and III), categories, and locations, or in an aggregated form.
  • Emission Reduction Strategies: Functionality to set up and manage emission reduction measures and goals, aiding in strategic planning towards sustainability.
  • Automated Reporting: Features to automatically generate CCF reports, simplifying compliance and disclosure processes to reporting requirements like ESRS.
  • Dashboards for Quick Overview: Intuitive dashboards to provide a quick overview of current and past carbon footprints, and the progress towards set targets.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilities for efficient collaboration with internal team members, ensuring cohesive and coordinated efforts in climate management.


CCF calculator has automated workflow built in that runs all data collection almost automatically

Turn Key Software

Quick activation of the software within 48 hours get you started with your entire company’s carbon calculation


Robust reporting capabilities provides clear, comprehensive insights into your carbon emission


Easily integrate your carbon emission information to any reporting such as ESRS

Factsheet Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator

In our free factsheet, find detail introduction to Corporate Carbon Footprint, it’s use cases and the best practices to implement CCF calculator within your organization:

  • What is required for CCF?
  • How to best implement a CCF calculator?
  • What SupplyOn’s CCF Calculator covers?

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