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Explore our Resources to download valuable materials on ESG, including factsheets on LkSG, ESRS reporting, and more, to enhance your understanding and initiatives.


Factsheet Lieferkettengesetz (LkSG)

Find out about LkSG impact on companies and BAFA requirements, plus how to prepare for EU CSDDD and what SupplyOn’s LkSG Risk Manager covers.

Factsheet Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Reporting

Learn everything you need to know about the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and its reporting requirements. Get essential insights into this initiative and its implications for businesses.

Factsheet ESRS Reporting

Unlock our free factsheet for an in-depth introduction to ESRS reporting, its relevance, requirements, and expert tips to ace your organization’s first ESRS report.

Factsheet Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculator

Explore our complimentary factsheet for a detailed introduction to Corporate Carbon Footprint, its applications, and best practices for implementing a CCF calculator in your organization.

Whitepaper Mastering CBAM Reporting for the Automotive Sector: A Software Solution Guide

Download our whitepaper now to gain valuable insights into challenges the automobile industry faces regarding CBAM.

Webinars / Events

Recorded Webinar How to achieve supply chain sustainability #LikeABosch

Gain insights into Bosch’s supply chain sustainability practices in this webinar. Dr. Thomas Schulte, Senior Vice President at Bosch, is our guest speaker and will talk about Bosch’s supply chain sustainability strategy and best practices. You will also learn how SupplyOn collaborates with Bosch and how you can benefit from SupplyOn’s solutions.

Live Demo | 02.07.24 CBAM in Action: Live 30-Minute Software Demo

Join us for an exclusive 30-minute live demonstration on how to seamlessly collect CBAM data using SupplyOn’s CBAM Reporting manager. This interactive session will showcase the efficiency and effectiveness of our solution, empowering your business to streamline data collection processes.

Recorded Webinar Clarifying CSDDD and what to expect next

Watch this webinar to understand the requirements and timeline of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) and learn practical steps for your company to reach compliance. Get first-hand insights from Heidi Hautala, Vice-President of the European Parliament and one of the main drivers of the CSDDD.

Recorded Webinar Understanding CBAM requirements from a legal perspective and how to prepare for the next report

Understand the fundamentals of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and its implications while also gaining insights into the future outlook of the CBAM regulation. Learn practical steps to prepare for CBAM compliance and how the CBAM Reporting Software from SupplyOn can support.